My top 5 “Must do” in Venice-Italy

Sure I love traveling. And no, I’m not a travel blogger. But maybe my experiences can help improve yours. Reading other blogs about Venice on my way there, totally helped me on my own trip.

So here there are; the top 5 things that I found precious and hold close to my heart when discussing remembering the one and only, Venecia, Italia.


1- Get Lost!10557094_10203912256420118_9050209287718967935_o

I read somewhere that you haven’t really enjoy Venice until you allow yourself to be lost somewhere amidst the endless streets of the city. Well, in my case that was very easy, every little street looked the same to me. I felt like I crossed the same canal a million times. And if you try to remember a bridge for orientation, don’t waste the time, there are around 400 bridges in Venice! No wonder why its called the “City of Bridges”, crazy.

But believe it or not, I found my way back to the hotel… with google maps LOL. But I enjoyed every single second walking around with no idea of where was I going.







Tip: Stop for a candy, pizza slice, souvenir,or a Venetian mask during your adventure, because you probably won’t be able to remember how to get back there.


2- Take the Vaporetto!

10557094_10203912256420118_9050209287718967935_oI followed the clever advice from the traveler Rick  Steves to buy a #Vaporetto ticket for a Grand Canal Tour. It is a fun water bus, my favorite transport method I must say. It is true that: “Vaporetto is the best way to travel around Venice”.

Once I found my seat in the Vaporetto, I started listening to the Rick  Steves audio guide. It was spot on! every single detail and almost perfect timing from the moment I left Santa Lucia railway station to St. Mark’s Square.







Tip: Take a picture at the Ponte della Costituzione bridge, just across the trains station. And pick a window seat.


 3- See Saint Marks Square Day & Night!

IMG_20141018_183457_editAfter arriving in the Vaporetto, I walk around looking for the St. Mark’s Square, without knowing I was already in it. Well, that’s probably because it’s so crowded in there, is hard to appreciate its beauty. IMG_20141018_183526_edit

I recommend you do what I did and stay long enough to see St. Mark’s Square at night, the lighting is beautiful. A times it gets emptier, so you can really imagine Casanova walking by, or Lord Byron drinking coffee at Caffè Florian (the most famous Venetian café and one of the first places in Europe to serve coffee). I’m from Costa Rica, coffee is my thing.


Tip: Sit down and relax for a bit in the square.  Drink a coffee there, its gonna cost you, but its well worth it.



4- Buy an “Original” Venetian mask!luxury venetian metal mask black venetian mask authentic venice mask swarovski ebay

Getting a Venetian Mask as a souvenir it is never overrated! Come on!

But I will give you some advice that a local gave me: Make sure what you are buying is “made or/and painted” in Venice. You will be surprised of how many “made in china” masks are sold there. It will be easy to know because they are expensive, and they are usually gorgeous, breath taking.


Tip: Buy more than one, by the time you get back home, you will regret only getting one!

5- Watch Opera!

In my case I had never witnessed a live opera before.  So, when I found myself in Venice I knew I needed to do cross that off the bucket list. What didn’t cross my mind was that I was going to fall in love with it! That’s right, I fell in love in Venice.

If you like opera you probably can relate to the natural high and emotional rush of live opera.  Being my first time with duets, masks, costumes, and all set in a 400 year old theater backdrop made this one of the best cultural experiences of my life time.

Would I do it again? Every single time that I will visit Venice again, I will watch an Opera. period.


Tip: Don’t dress up, it is a very local activity, just wear casual smart and flats. Lots of walking. It’s Venice!

I think my first time in Venice could have been complete with only these five “must do” experiences, but indeed the next ones will scream cliché but for a good reason.


Overpriced and very corny. But fun. You are a tourist. It’s understandable.











#Sights The Bridge of Sighs

A sad story, but sight for respect while you go under it.



Just eat whatever weird thing they pull from the water there. It will taste good!




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