TEN OF THE BEST POKER QUOTES – by Women about Women

chosen by Colin M Jarman aka The Quotable Poker Player

1- Annie Duke “Poker is one of the only sports where a woman can compete on totally equal footing with a man, so I don’t understand why there’s a ladies-only tournament.”

“To emphasize your femininity, giggle girlishly when you win pots. Check-raise them at every opportunity. Show them your bluffs. They already don’t like you. Why not completely piss them off? … It worked for me.”

 2- Angelica Stark “Every guy plays like he’s hard up with a hard on. I’ve seen them do the stupidest things at the poker table. They are just too pig-headed to think that anybody ever has them beat. Women are much more clear-headed.”

3- Jennifer Harman “I hate to see that chauvinistic B.S. where men think women belong in the kitchen. Some men have asked what I was doing at the table, and I’d say, ‘Well, I already washed the floors, did the laundry and cleaned the house, and I have nothing to do but play poker.’ I’ve said this a million times: It doesn’t take much strength to lift up two cards.”

4- Grace Kelly  “Women can play poker because anyone who can fake an orgasm can raise on a pair of deuces.”

5- Nicola Copping   “First impressions can make or break you at the poker table. Even in an over-conditioned Las Vegas casino, shorts and a Celine Dion T-shirt, don’t exactly say ‘I know what I’m doing here,’ they scream, ‘Take me!’ ”

6- Clonie Gowan “The bottom line is you better win, or you’re going to have your critics that say the only reason why you got there is because you’re good-looking, that you can’t play a lick of poker. Any time that you are attractive and a woman, you better win. You better win.”

7- Isabelle Mercier “Any attractive woman who wins a poker tournament can usually find a sponsor within the next 24 hours.”

8- Leah Bochan “It’s easy to tease as you raise and flash a coy smile as you call. Flirting goes with poker like ice cream goes with pie – both are good on their own, but much more delicious together.”

9- Melanie McFarland  “Women really do play differently from men – they’re chatty, they tease and brag at hands, and even the best of them can be sore losers. Another thing – they’re painfully ruthless.”

10- Barbara Tuchman “I believe it is probably true that women on the whole are not inclined to discipline their playing according to a scientific law of averages. Speaking of myself, I find that the incomparable advantage of playing by instinct is that no one else has the slightest idea what I am likely to do or why.”



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